Wednesday 21 August 2019

Happy Reading Aldershot!

Check out the latest member of the Little Free Library family! This lovely LFL can be found on Church Lane East in Aldershot and is hosted by Park Church. The lovely LFL is opposite St Michael's Junior School and is set to be a great resource for the local children.

Headteacher of St Michael's, Steph Tyler, said, "Reading is such an important life skill that opens our minds to opportunities we might never otherwise explore.  I don't know where I would have been without books over the course of my life.  Sharing a book with young children is such an important aspect of child development and is the start of a journey which will hopefully stay with them for life."

Happy Reading Aldershot!!

Sunday 2 December 2018

TARDIS Little Free Library materialises in East London

Our latest creation has landed in a Kids' Park in East London. Made from FSC certified timber and finished in, well TARDIS blue!

By Little Free Library Project UK, the TARDIS has landed

It has a shelf for kids books and another for everyone else. We came up to London on 1st December to install it in Bisterne Avenue Park. It was commissioned by Caramel Quin, who will be acting as the resident Little Free Library steward. Come by and pick up a book!

Caramel and friends got into the festive spirit to celebrate the opening of their new TARDIS Little Free Library. It's sure to be a great asset to the local community, in Walthamstow, where it joins the UK's largest neighbourhood network of LFLs.

Happy reading!

By Nick Cheshire
Little Free Library Project UK

Monday 14 May 2018

London resident dedicates Little Free Library to the memory of her story telling mother


London resident Jane Farrell grew up listening to her mother's amazing stories, many of which came from her love of Greek myths and legends. When Jane's mom sadly died, she decided to share her love of stories and story telling by dedicating a Little Free Library to her mother.

Jane asked us to build and decorate the book sharing box and on Saturday 12th May we came along and installed this very special Little Free Library outside her home. Jane, pictured above, has spent many years as a school teacher and is hoping that the striking artwork will inspire young people in particular to stop by and pick up a book.

Jane is planning an official launch event in June (more details to follow) where her local community, family and friends will join her to help celebrate the opening of London's newest tiny library.

Don't look into Medusa's eyes!

Pegasus getting ready to take flight
Built by elves in the Little Free Library Project's magic workshop, we enlisted local artist Emma Scutt to add the artistic decoration to the Little Free Library.

Find out more about Little Free Libraries on our Facebook page. Happy reading!

Thursday 11 May 2017

The TARDIS has landed at Abbey School

Having travelled through all the worlds of literature collecting stories, the Little TARDIS Library has finally materialised and come to rest at Abbey School in Torquay. Filled with over 100 books for children of all ages, the TARDIS invites Abbey School's students to take, read and exchange books with their friends.

We stopped by Abbey School's daily assembly today to officially open the Little TARDIS Library. Children's book illustrator, Lauren Tobia, cut the ribbon and opened up the book exchange to the excited faces of Abbey's pupils. Lauren also read from one of her books and donated several signed copies.

We can't be sure how long the TARDIS will be here for before it vanishes on another adventure, but for now it appears to be here to stay. Happy reading Abbey School!

To find out more about Little Free Library UK please visit our website here.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Royal Holloway University set to launch Little Free Libraries

Royal Holloway University boasts one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Founder's Building welcomes visitors as they enter and tree lined paths connect academic and social spaces where students from all over the world come to study.

Founder's Building, Royal Holloway University
This month (January 2017) we delivered four Little Free Libraries, which were funded by the university. Two LFLs will be installed on campus and two donated to partners within the community, including a local school.

The LFLs will be artfully decorated by students and Alumni and then filled with books to be shared across campus. With students from all over the world studying at the university, there is sure to be an international mix of titles being exchanged, shared, and read amongst the leafy surroundings of Royal Holloway.

Happy Reading!

Saturday 23 July 2016

Two more Little Free Libraries for Essex village

Over the past couple of years we've worked in partnership with Thundersley Congregational Church to create a network of Little Free Libraries for the local community to share their love of reading.

They have proved to be a great success! Two more have recently been created and will be installed in September in the run up to the Noise Arts Festival. The brilliant designs are by our artist Kiko Honda Powell.

"The Essex Little Free Libraries have been really popular, it's great to see two more being added to the network." Nick Cheshire, Director, Little Free Library Project UK.

Happy reading Thundersley!

Little Free Library Thundersley Essex Noise Arts Festival

Striking Little Free Library in Thundersley Essex by Kiko Honda Powell

The existing Little Free Libraries can be found at a range of Thundersley locations including Kingston Primary School, Thundersley Congregational Church and even the local swimming pool!

The swimming pool Little Free Library by artist Emma Russell
Happy reading Thundersley!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Urban Fox Spotted In Tower Hamlets

London's urban foxes have an ability to pop up in the most unlikely places. Today, an urban fox has made a permanent home in Wapping thanks to Tower Hamlets Community Housing. The fox in question is of course one of our fabulous Hannah Adamaszek designed Urban Fox Little Free Libraries. This is Tower Hamlet's first LFL.

The LFL is perfectly placed on Wapping High Street at the junction of Lilley Close. Tower Hamlets Community Housing chose the location so that the LFL could be enjoyed by its residents, the local community and all visitors to this historic part of London.

Author Stephanie Saulter officially opened the library by donating copies of her book. Stephanie’s third novel, Regeneration, completes the trilogy that began with Gemsigns and continued in Binary. The stories are set in 22nd century London, and chronicle the struggles of a genetically modified people, the gems, first to escape the grip of the commercial companies that created them, and then to overcome the suspicion, discrimination and prejudice which they face from the norm majority. In Regeneration, the gems’ emergence as innovators and entrepreneurs in their own right begins to threaten not only entrenched business interests, but the entire political status quo.

Stephanie said: “I’m a big fan of what the Little Free Libraries, and indeed all libraries, do for their communities; but this particular library, in this particular place, has a huge resonance with my own work. I was very aware of the historic and cultural significance of the different parts of the city that I used in the novels. The area of east London where the majority of my characters live is known to them as the Squats, and it’s a safe haven for homeless, victimised, marginalised people – a place from which they can begin to rebuild their lives. In our time, that same area is known as … Wapping. But it gets even better, because those newly emancipated people learn what they need to know in part by accessing archived knowledge. In other words, they consult the library. I can’t tell you how delighted I am to see that tale come full circle.”

The next time you're in Wapping, be sure to stop by and donate a book, take a book or both. Thanks to everyone at Tower Hamlets Community Housing and Stephanie Saulter for bringing more books to the East End.