Saturday, 23 July 2016

Two more Little Free Libraries for Essex village

Over the past couple of years we've worked in partnership with Thundersley Congregational Church to create a network of Little Free Libraries for the local community to share their love of reading.

They have proved to be a great success! Two more have recently been created and will be installed in September in the run up to the Noise Arts Festival. The brilliant designs are by our artist Kiko Honda Powell.

"The Essex Little Free Libraries have been really popular, it's great to see two more being added to the network." Nick Cheshire, Director, Little Free Library Project UK.

Happy reading Thundersley!

Little Free Library Thundersley Essex Noise Arts Festival

Striking Little Free Library in Thundersley Essex by Kiko Honda Powell

The existing Little Free Libraries can be found at a range of Thundersley locations including Kingston Primary School, Thundersley Congregational Church and even the local swimming pool!

The swimming pool Little Free Library by artist Emma Russell
Happy reading Thundersley!


  1. Is there any help to set up a little free library in the UK. And how/where do you get the library 'building' from?

  2. Hi Nick,

    I am a student at UAL who is doing an exhibit at the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow. I stumbled upon one of the little free libraries on my way to the gallery for the first time and has kept going back to this as a starting point for my project. I would really love to get in touch and chat with you about the Little Free Library Project since it was started by you in the UK in Walthamstow and include this as part of my project. Please email me at Thank you

  3. Hi Nick
    Like Betty Zhang I would like to start a little Free Library in my local village. Please email me at to pass along tips and ideas.