Sunday, 13 July 2014

Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy at a Little Free Library

On Saturday 26 July the wonderful Bernadette Russell will be signing copies of her inspiring book, Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy at a Little Free Library in Walthamstow, London.

The book pictured above is jam packed with awesome activities for spreading joy and kindness throughout the land. Are you sneaky enough to pull off a reverse robbery, by sliding a treat into someones bag or pocket? Have you got the guts to undertake a serious smile collection mission, and smile at every stranger you see all day long?

Bernadette Russell is a writer, performer and comedian, who in response to the 2011 riots, decided to try and do a kind thing for a stranger every single day for 366 days (it was a leap year). This endeavour went on to become a theatre show (Birmingham Rep and tour), two interactive installations and an exhibition.

The best part is that after the year was up she carried on being kind every day because she discovered that it changed her life for the better. Maybe it could change your life too, give it a try!

Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy is an activity book based on this experience, for big kids and small kids to have fun being nice. There are 80 ideas for being kind and putting a smile on somebody's face, which we think is brilliant.

Here's Eve (aged 9) taking some inspiration from the book and leaving a copy for someone to find at Birmingham library:

We asked Bernadette what she thinks about our Little Free Libraries.

"I love the Little Free Libraries! One of my favourite acts of kindness was leaving books that I had read and loved around and about for people to find, I always wrote a message inside the book (like Dear Stranger, I loved this book, hope you do too. Love Bernadette). I wish I'd known about the Little Free Libraries when I'd started out as it would have been the perfect place to leave them!"

Thanks Bernadette Russell. You're awesome!

So, if you would like to meet Bernadette and hear her talk about the power of kindness and pick up a copy of her wonderful book, come visit the Little Free Library at 45 Brettenham Road in Walthamstow on 26 July at 1pm. You will certainly leave the event feeling happy and inspired!

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